About Us

Texas Flair Meets Italian Finesse

Kamica Hampton’s luxury Italian stilettos and handcrafted footwear embody the passion and drive of the successful modern woman. The confident and determined female pioneers who rule their own world. Women who have a lust to express themselves through bold and iconic fashion statements.

Uniquely Different

Delivering trendsetting high-end shoes with panache, every pair of Kamica Hamptons is unique. Each collection arrives only in limited quantities with very selective styles created in Houston, TX by Kamica.

Kamica Hampton is an enthusiast of style, fashion and beauty. She founded her Houston-based company on a simple passion: To create a modern “classic” in luxury leather footwear for the highly discerning individual. Elegant, up-to-the-minute footwear designs that exude quality without sacrificing comfort. Our designer heels are destined to become classics in their own right. With the right shoe, the possibilities are endless.

Inspire Don't Imitate

The aesthetic of all Kamica Hampton collections is inspired by the dynamic, passionate, and strong woman who epitomizes an independent style and, whether she wants to be or not, is an influencer. A world where luxury and versatility are never compromised. Where our passion meets your individuality; where our unique stories meet.

Kamica Hampton: Modern purveyors of luxury leather footwear. A distinctly unique, extraordinary brand catering to the extraordinary individual with meticulous craftsmanship, exceptional quality and a bond to celebrate individuality.